Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Although I miss him, I think I like it when Daddy travels out-of-town leaving me home with Mommy. You know why? Because then I'm the boss! If you're a dog reading this quick thinking about your rawhide bone-you need to know this.

When Daddy is gone, I can get away with a lot more. That means I can try to dig out dryer sheets from the laundry, or tissues out of the trash. And when my Mommy is trying to quietly read on the couch, I can bark, bark, bark and bark until she relentlessly gets up to get me a treat. As if getting me a treat quiets me down again...Then, when she gets curled up on the couch again, that's when I drop a blanket in her lap and growl and bark at her in the bossiest form of barking till she picks it up and plays tug.

When Daddy is home I don't away with as much. I can't bark my bossy barks at my Mommy, although I try. When she gets tired of it, she'll look at Daddy and tell him to deal with it. Her mean growls don't do anything for me!

So last night, we played tug and she shared a bite of her cookie. I got the cookie because I made her feel guilty for tormenting me with the new Peticure. So the lesson is: when the boss is away, do everything you want and get everything you want before the boss returns. It helps that Mommy is such a pushover and I can make her feel guilty very easily.

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Anonymous said...

MAN those cookies look good!
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